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1) What China has in store .....

Let us take a closer look at China’s Timeline:

China is without doubt closer to being called a developed country. Having launched economic reforms under Deng Xiaoping in the year 1978 it has made great strides in the fields of education, employment, industries and rural sector.

The timeline of 1949 to 1972 gives us a total of 23 years. The number 23: A very fortunate number. It indicates success, help from superiors and protection from those in high places. A most fortunate number in dealing with future events.

The timeline of 1972-1991 gives us a total of 19 years. The number 19: An extremely fortunate and favourable number. It is symbolised as "the Sun" and promises happiness, success, esteem and honour. A very lucky number for future events.

The timeline of 1991-2011 gives us a total of 20 years. The number 20: It is not a material number, rather a spiritual one. Consequently it's potential in worldly success is doubtful. If used in relation to a future event, it denotes delays, hindrances to one's plans, which can only be conquered through the development of the spiritual side of the nature.( a buildup of war is indicated by the number 20).

The timeline of 2011-2015 gives us a total of 4 years. With 4 being the number of the planet Uranus would see the country being acknowledged as a superpower. Further, there are possibilities of floods and earthquakes in the timeline indicated.

The timeline of 2015-2023 gives us a total of 8 years. With 8 being the number of the planet Saturn which indicates change of government, revolutions, common-man protest and upheavals would see some challenges.

Further, the country would stabilize in the timeline of 2023-2030 as the number 7 being ruled by the planet Neptune would see the country stabilizing.

A spiritualist called by the name of Naimatullah Shah Wali who resided in Kashmir predicted that India will engage in a misadventure with Pakistan and when Pakistan is on the verge of losing the war it will receive support from other Muslim nations and the Muslim army will make it's way till Uttar Pradesh. He predicted Islam will thrive in the subcontinent for 40 Years. India and China fought a war in 1962. The late Erika Cheetham who was a Nostradamus expert predicted a full scale war on two fronts with Pakistan and China with billions dying in the war. ( 3rd world war). The Chinese economy has slowed down in 2015 and is expected to not grow at the original rates till 2023. Hence to divert the opinion or criticism of the Chinese people will certainly would like to fight a war with India. The Year it most seems likely is 2018.

2) Lord Yama (God of Death) fears Vishnu's hell!

Yama----When people die, they come under the control of Yama and Yama sends them to different narakas. When they have atoned for their sins, they are reborn. Maitreya wanted to know if there was any way in which men could avoid going to Yama after death.

Parashara told him that Nakula had asked the same question of his grandfather Bhishma. And Bhishma had told him that he used to have a brahmana friend from Kalinga. This friend had learned words of wisdom from a jatismara sage. The sage had told Bhishma’s friend of a conversation that had once taken place between Yama and Yama’s servant.

Yama told his servant, "Do not touch those who are devoted to Vishnu. I am the lord of all the others except these. I am not really independent, I work under the supervision of Vishnu. He is also capable of punishing me. Even the gods worship the lotus-like feet of Vishnu. Stay away from the devotees of Vishnu."

"How does one become a devotee of Vishnu?" asked the servant.

Yama replied, "Those who do not deviate from what is laid down from their class, those who make no distinction between friends and enemies, those who are not thieves, those who are non-violent and those whose hearts are pure and free of anger, these are the devotees of Vishnu. They think of Vishnu all the time. And because they think of Vishnu all the time, they are of pleasing appearance. When Vishnu is in one’s heart, one commits no sins. Do not go near such people. For the strength of Vishnu’s chakra is such that your or mine powers would immediately be destroyed."

3) Worried about December 2036 comet and May 2040 asteroid? Prayer is the pill

Our planet is actively changing. In one reading, Cayce stated that none of the physical devastation he predicted has to happen. The stability of the planet lies in humanity’s collective hands. Cayce also confirmed the biblical axiom that 10 good people can save an entire city. This brings to mind an old story told by the editor of Guideposts magazine. He received letters from two different women in a small town in California. Each told him how they were awakened in the dark hours of predawn and powerfully guided by Spirit to go out into the street of their little town and pray. They both did. Around 5 a.m., a powerful earthquake hit their town, destroying the entire downtown area, but not one person was killed or even injured. These two ladies did not know each other, living on opposite corners of the town. In this case, the prayers of two saved a town.

Rather than get anxious over the world situation and sound-bite political leaders, prayer is a powerful service we can perform for our fellow planet dwellers. Our prayers ascend into the Collective Consciousness and subliminally affect the whole of human consciousness and nature’s sensitive vibrations. Prayer time is also a wonderful sanctuary from the world’s weight. In this inner space of contacting God with love and caring for others, we can find a refuge for our often weary hearts and minds.

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