Lord Kalki's Praises will go to the heavens : Michael Nostradamus

Mahdi of Saudi Arabia
Mahdi will invade Europe with massive Muslim armies by land and sea. The Arab leader Prince Mars, (Mars is the god of war) will make the Vatican fall by conquering Italy with a seaborne invasion. He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban. He will be the terror of mankind. Never more horror.

Here, Nostradamus says that a man from Greater Arabia will lead his forces on an invasion through Europe.  This invasion will start a third world war that will be far worse than all the other wars put together.  

2) Saw the movie- "The Da-Vinci Code" partly.According to the sources, Jesus Christ had a baby girl who was born after his crucifixon to Mary Magdalene in France (just after his crucifixon). The French probably maintained the bloodline of Jesus' descendants. It is said in the third world war ( 2037-2064) a massive earthquake destroys Italy and the Pope flees to France. Kalki protects the French people in the War. Italy also is home to the Godfather or the Mafias. The real essence of Christianity is revealed when the Pope flees to France. For 2000 Years the attributes that Christianity shaped the Christians was fear, persecution, war-lords, conspicious consumption, lack of family-values and immoral avarices like gambling, alcohol and women.

3)1) During my reading of the Kalagnana, I felt that Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy a reincarnation of Krishna went into deep samadhi in the 16th century is still alive. During the chanting of my mantra- Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Namaha Sivaya, Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamine Namah I noticed for about 10 days the different ways in which the Sun was in the evenings........Sometimes it resembled a disc, sometimes it was orange and sometimes it was bright red. I immediately felt that the next reincarnation of Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy as Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya ( Lord Kalki) had happened as the Kalagnana predicted that he would be born in the Telugu new year of Vishwavasu in 1965 rather than 2025 ( Telugu new year of Vishwavasu occurs once in every 60 Years). Moreover with my reading of history revealed the deterioration of politics in India began to set in the Year 1965.
2) There is a specific Muslim prediction that the Muslims would be successful in invading Italy. Moreover their entry in other places like France in Europe would be thwarted by Kalki setting up his base of operations in the above mentioned country.
3) While once I was casually standing in the balcony of my Flat in the evening, I was visited by a spacecraft which suddenly emerged from the skies and it was static for 1 or 2 minutes. I immediately greeted it with the mantra " Om Namo Narayana". The space craft immediately turned 360 degrees and flew back where it came from. As people who browsed my website would know this t be the 48th Cycle of Kali Yuga ( Nuclear MIssiles ( Nostradamus mentions the usage of these in his quatrains), Nuclear Winter , Nuclear Disaster and the popular word "Exploration" all correspond to the above number. Extraterrestrial comes to the number 49. We will be visited by Aliens who do not have faith in God!
4) a) Napoleon Hill ( books like Think and Grow RIch, Grow Rich With Peace of Mind and the Law of Success) developed belief in God only after a long period of research of 20 Years into who succeeds and what were the ingredients that constitute success. The steel magnate- Andrew Carnegie would have whispered into him more if he had the requisite belief in God. Dale Carnegie who was Napoleon Hill's contemporary who lost a finger of his had belief in God right from his birth. And with many books to his credit achieved greater degree of success.
b) Family Businesses according to a research crumble after 4 Generations. The first generation promoter develops businesses through his acumen and faith. The second generation promoter merely consolidates the businesses. The third generation promoter quarrels and paves the way for loss of wealth for shareholders in the fourth generation.
c) Indians are good at discoveries than inventing. India as you know is a tropical country and the people have to walk under the hot sun as the sun shines brightly for 300 days in a year. Moreover it took 100 Years of democracy and capacity building for the Americans to make new inventions and discoveries. India similarly has to take similar time. However from 2019-2031 would see Indians winning Nobel Prizes from Bengaluru as it is a cooler clime.
d) Planets and their influence Mercury: The timeline of 2030-2035 would see the Chinese government trampling on citizen rights. Numerologically the Second Anti Christ Adolph Hitler had the number 5 as the spiritual number for his first name-Adolph. If one remembers Hitler who destroyed religious books before he killed millions of Jews. China and the erstwhile USSR would have seen the Red Army emerge stronger from the timeline of 2030-2035. Venus- The timeline of 2013-2019 and 2031-2037 would see Indians develop diabetes ( It is regarded that India will become a diabetes capital of the world by 2037 due to sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise). Mars- Mars stands for wars and revolutions. Moon- The United States of America became a superpower in 1965. However the Moon as a planet according to Hindu astrology exercises a control over the human mind, exercises gravitation and responsible for the sea tides which function accordingly to it's status as a half moon or a full moon. America began to slip as a power after putting a man on the moon.

2015- Number 18---- Heavy Rains
2016- Number 19---- Good Monsoons
2017-Number 20--- Drought
2018-Number 21----Delayed but good monsoons
2019-Number 22--- Monsoons on time, but duration and quantum of rains leave a lot to be desired.
2020- Number 23---- Good Monsoons
The second Green Revolution would take place by 2021-2022.
As the Chinese lost 3.2 trillion US$ in the stock market bourses, I feel vindicated as I predicted that the country of China will be in turmoil from 2015-2023 with commonman protests, change of government and bad karma as the planet Saturn is known to cause it. The Chinese index will fall to 3,000. The commodities boom which began in 1999 would end by 2019-2022. Base Metals would see contraction in prices and rise thereafter by the Year 2017 onwards. Agricultural products would see increase in prices alongwith Gold and Oil. Sugar cane crop would fail alongwith predicted increase in prices for Coffee, Cotton, Tea and Maize. 
6) Subject: A few people I helped along the way- 
1) During the existence of NDTV as a public broadcaster for Doordarshan I watched a news clipping by Dr. Prannoy Roy on the breakup of the erstwhile USSR in 1990. The queues then were orderly and the people were waiting patiently to buy their bread and butter. Nobody was telling them to eat cake like the erstwhile French queen which I knew about later.( I had a distinct feeling that I was being watched and monitored in the house when I lived in Lawsons Bay Colony, Visakhapatnam. Dr. Prannoy Roy heard a specific prediction of mine ( inside the house, mentioned by me aloud like other predictions) that Russia would integrate as USSR once again in 25-30 Years. Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev was the President and he had an injury mark on his head which looked like a small landmass or a small territory unlike the USSR landmass.
2) Amitabh Bachchan mentioned in the interviews that he was not good at business in the late 90's after burning his fingers in the ABCL company that he floated while undertaking the Miss World programme. I used to watch the Bournvita Quiz contest hosted by Derek o' Brien and also the one hosted by Siddharta Basu. Mr. Bachchan as you know became bankrupt on account of hosting the Miss World programme. Since his wife was a Bengali I felt Siddhartha Basu was the right choice. Mr. Bachchan as you know, became a dollar millionaire after hosting the " Kaun Banega Crorepati".
3) Zee Tv in the early 1990's just emerged as a channel and I suggested a few game shows,etc by mentioning it inside my house. I also suggested the channel to show the 70's films, and then the 80's films and 90's films and therby enable them to get their hands on library of films after taking care of their cash flow. The 70's as you know were an achievement for Indians as they worked in time when Emergency was declared and not to forget the fact that 78,000 Pakistan soldiers were captured alive and then sent back to Pakistan after the creation of Bangladesh.
4)An anchor by the name of Harishree Mehta ( a relative of Harshad Mehta) was hosting the Doordarshan show on the share market in the mid-90's. After an analysis through Cheiro's numerology I predicted that there were three bull markets from 2003-2008, 2013-2019 and 2031-2037. I predicted a few good companies that one could invest in as well as the third world war that would come in 2037. I was proved right.
7)It is said quite rightly that Parashuram ( an avatar of Vishnu) killed all the kshatriyas of 9 Generations with his bare hands in (Konkan) in the Treta Yuga.
It is mentioned in the Vishnu Purana that a future avatara of Vishnu would probably kill all the brahmins (in my probable estimation) consume intoxicants and enjoy the company of women in Dwapara Yuga in the 50th Cycle.Mahabharata occurs in the Dwapara Yuga and Lord Krishna ( who is said to be the Supreme Personality of the God-Head or the Eternal Transcendental Form of Lord VIshnu) preaches the Bhagawad Gita ( preaching good food habits and good conduct. The present cycle of Kali Yuga is the 48th Cycle. The kshatriyas were killed by Parashuram and the next hit list of Vishnu would probably have brahmins on the list.

By the way, non-vegetarian food has carcinogens which cause cancer, Parkinson's disease and many other neuro-ailments according to research by scientists.

8)a) Lord Kalki who marries Padmavathi in 1989 in Mumbai and learns warfare techniques from Parasurama who resides in Konkan coast was able to marry Goddess Roma only in 2064 AD after the end of the 24 Year war. This war kills 3 billion people through violence, another 3 billion perish through plague and another 3 billion who are unbelievers of God. Thus Kalki in Hinduism is able to marry and have a second wife only after 75 Years of immense suffering. King Shashidwaja accumulates a lot of money and ( unlike a Brahmin) also suffers in the process.
2) The Human Extinction ensues in the 61st Cycle of Kali Yuga. The present age is 48th Cycle testified by the words: ( Cheiro's numerology: John William Warner) Exploration ( Christoper Columbus discovering America), Nuclear Missiles ( Nostradamus mentions the usage of nuclear missiles in his quatrains) and Nuclear Disaster. India comes to the number 12 indicating the destruction of the earth 11 times before. The words Righteous Indignation, Jurisprudence At Work and Human Conversations comes to the number 73 indicating humans take 12 Cycles to reach speech and work patterns.

9)Numerologically the 2003-2008 bull market had the number 15. Real Estate which comes to the spiritual number 15 performed excellently alongwith Infrastructure which comes to the number 6. Similarly for the coming 2013-2019 and 2031-2037 bull runs which comes to the number 18 would see Oil Exploration performing well. Alongiwth number 9's like Telecom, Sugar, Metals, Paints, Paper, Education, Water, Ethanol, Media and Autos would do well. Happy Investing!